Our Corona Team                                        Our Tustin Team

 Treatment Coordinator 


Shelly, RDA

Shelly has been a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) since 1991 and joined our practice in 2007.  She will help you understand your treatment plan and help you work out financial arrangements.  Shelly enjoys her work because she “loves helping people.  Both children and adults need TLC, and I love being able to comfort them.” 
About Dr. Simjee:  “I like working with Dr Simjee because he is an ethical, caring dentist.  I feel integrity in life is extremely important and it is nice to see it is never compromised with Dr. Simjee’s patients.”

 Treatment Coordinator

Lynne, RDA 

Lynne has enhanced our office with 20 years plus years of experience in the dental field.  She loves working with our patients to help them enjoy a positive dental experience.  Lynne is detail oriented and loves working with Dr. Simjee and our dental team.  

 Front Office Assistant


Claudia has been at Simjee Periodontics since 2011.  She too will help you understand your treatment plan and financial obligations.  What Claudia likes about dentistry is “the interactions with patients, meeting new people with different personalities, and helping them achieve oral health.” 

About Dr. Simjee: I really enjoy working with Dr. Simjee because he cares about his patients.  I love learning from Dr. Simjee because he's very knowledgeable in his field.  He is light hearted and has a great sense of humor.

 Surgical Assistant

Mary Ann. DA

Mary Ann prides herself in helping patients feel welcome when they come to the back office.  She enjoys interacting with our patients and educating them about their post-operative care.  Mary Ann loves working with Dr. Simjee's perio team and enjoys the family atmosphere in the office.  

 Dental Hygienist

 Cira, RDH

Cira completed her bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene in 2013 and started working with Dr. Simjee soon after. If you have to see Cira, chances are that you either have had periodontal treatment done in the past or are currently suffering from periodontal disease. Cira takes her time to methodically perform both preventive and deep cleanings on our patients. She also thoroughly explains proper brushing and flossing techniques to help prevent future periodontal complications.   

Cira joined the dental field because she enjoys the science behind dentistry. She is interested in how the body heals itself and how oral health is connected to a person’s overall health. Cira fell in love with her profession when she saw the difference she can make in a person’s life. She enjoys seeing people get their healthy smile back so they can show off confidently.

 About Dr. Simjee:  “Dr. Simjee not only cares for his patients, but is very invested in getting them back to a healthy smile.  He always finds a way to help.  He has a heart of gold.  Dr. Simjee is also very invested with his staff.  There is never a bad moment to teach us something new, always making us better so we can better treat our patients.”